exercisync stores...

Your email Your password1 Access tokens Activity metadata Activity data
Aerobia Opt-in Opt-in No Yes No
BeginnerTriathlete Opt-in Opt-in No Yes No
DecathlonCoach No No Yes Yes No
Dropbox No No Yes Yes Cached
Garmin Connect Opt-in Opt-in No Yes No
Polar Flow No No Yes Yes No
Polar Personal Trainer Yes Yes No Yes No
Ride With GPS Opt-in Opt-in No Yes No
Smashrun No No Yes Yes No
Strava No No Yes Yes No
Automatic Sync Yes2 N/A

...until you disconnect your account or they are no longer needed, whichever is sooner

What areAccess tokens?

Access tokens allow exercisync to perform actions on your behalf. By using access tokens, exercisync never needs to store your username or password. In order to obtain an access token, exercisync may need to ask for your credentials - which are erased immediately after being exchanged for an access token.

What isActivity metadata?

Activity Medatada are the basic details of any activity: start time, time zone, duration, distance, and type. exercisync needs to store this information to determine which activities should be synchronized to each of your accounts.

What constitutesActivity data?

Activity data is the complete record of an activity: the GPS track, sensor data, and all metadata. To improve synchronization performance, exercisync temporarily stores (caches) this data from your Dropbox account.

1 I've done a good deal to keep your password safe, but there has to be a way for exercisync to use it to sync your account. Therefore, anyone with enough access and resources to the exercisync database and servers could access it, too.

2 The email address you used to pay is stored so that you can transfer or recover your payment.

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