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What do I have to do to use exercisync?

Just connect to all the services you would like to sync between, click "Synchronize now," then forget ever reading this sentence.

Do I need to re-connect my accounts every time?

No! Just connect to any one of the services you have already connected, and you will be signed back into exercisync and ready to start another synchronization.

Do I need to visit to sync activities?

No. Synchronization is fully automatic. You can also manually trigger a synchronization any time you want.

Which activities get synchronized?

All supported activities in your account are synchronized, not just new ones. Manually entered activities are supported, but are not currently being synchronized to TrainingPeaks (still some bugs to work out there).

What's the difference from

It is pretty the same site but with free synchronization and some sport trackers tapiriik doesn't support.

Will exercisync create duplicate activities?

Nope - even if you tracked the same activity on multiple devices, or with multiple apps, exercisync will see that and won't create any duplicate activities.

What about activities I've marked as private?

By default, exercisync will not sync private activities. If you wish, you can opt to have private activities synchronized. exercisync tries to keep private activities private, but not all services support private activities, so you should be cognizant of your privacy settings across all of your accounts.

What data gets synchronized?

As much as possible: in addition to your path, exercisync will also sync distance, speed, heart rate, cadence, power, calories burned and even temperature between all services which support them.

The activity statistics changed after a sync!

Discrepancies in activity statistics, like elevation gained/lost or calories burned, appear when services use different algorithms to calculate the same values. exercisync does not calculate these during synchronization.

Can I view which activities were synchronized?

When logged in, you can visit the activities dashboard to see which activities were (or were not) synchronized, and to where.

Can I sync in only one direction?

Yes: before triggering a sync, open up the options for the service in question and tweak as desired. These preferences are applied to all activities - even after they've been synchronized to other services.

What are "untagged activities" and why do I care?

GPX and TCX files in your Dropbox don't include information about the type of activity they contain. You need to include the type of the activity in the file name, or place the file in an appropriately named folder.

Who is "exercisync" on Garmin Connect?

To enable efficient synchronization, exercisync adds a special user to your Garmin Connect connections. You should never accept a separate connection request from a user like this; the process is fully automatic. Read more.

Does exercisync ever modify or delete my activities?

No. Simple as that.

What data is stored on your servers?

As little as is required. Check out the privacy page for more.

How do I connect more services?

Just sign into any one of the services you already connected, then sign into the new service (or the other way around, it doesn't matter). The new service will be synchronized with all the others.

Will exercisync support Activity Tracking Site X?

Possibly. I've had very little time to add additional services while at the same time maintaining those already available.

Can exercisync and CopyMySports be used together?

I wouldn't recommend it - CopyMySports will often create duplicates of activities exercisync has already synchronized.
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